Aurora Borealis & Noctilucent Clouds

    On our flight back from the Tornado Alley to Europe on June 7th / 8th 2015 we had the opportunity to witness an amazing display of polar lights at the cabine window. Colors varied from green, red to violet. Actually I don't remember the concrete time but it might has happened over Canada or southern Greenland.

    Our flight in LH451 (which is the new Boing 747-8) began with a little glory on the stratocumuli above Los Angeles. Almost an hour later the sun went down. During the night we were able to see beautiful polar lights dancing above the overclouded earth.


    I only had my EF 24-105 f4 with me in the cabine which is no ideal lens for astro photography. So the photographs needed to be taken with an ISO 4.000 - 6.400 and exposure time of more than 3 seconds. It was pretty hard to stabilize the exposure by just holding the camera in front of the window...(reflections in the glas from different lights inside the cabine were another issue). Here's the result:

    Dawn began and wo couldn't believe recognizing noctilucent clouds below the displayed polar lights!

    What an awesome flight through the night :)

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      Lukas (Sonntag, 14 Juni 2015 22:35)

      Wow, da hattest du aber doppeltes Glück!